CACAO TALK: No land but wants to plant cacao? Not a problem. Here’s how…

JOHN: I dont have an hectare of land much less own a property that I can plant cacao seedlings.

MR. CACAO: Dont worry, John. Nothing will stop your dream of becoming a cacao grower without vast lands. Look what I did. I planted a grafted cacao seedling in a pot and allowed it to grow at our veranda at home. It now has sprouted a cherel!

Aside from that, these cacao seedlings can also bring in more oxygen in your home. They are pretty ornamental plants as well. Just make sure to give them enough sunshine and water! After 15 months you will be able to harvest from your potted gold!

Oh one more thing. Don’t worry that growing cacao at home will just attract mosquitoes okay? Did you know that the fallen cacao leaves can be a great ingredient for your DIY mosquito-repellant? Let me share the steps, John.

1. Boil cacao leaves on a shallow pan for 20 minutes. Separate the juice and leaves. Set aside

2. Finely chop the garlic and add the cacao juice. Set aside

3. Mix the essential oil together and pour onto the prepared juice.
4. Let it stand for at least 10 minutes to incorporate well.

5. Using funnel, pour over the liquid into a sprayer. Let it cool completely before using your natural insect repellant.

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