Join us at the Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Manila on June 19-30,2019 from 8:30AM onwards for the Philippine Culinary Heritage featuring Executive Christopher Carangian.

Executive Chef Carangian
*Graduated from Culinary Institute of America
*Founder of Razorchef PH
*Punong Heneral at Culinary Generals of the Philippines
*Food Historian at GMA7, Kapuso mo Jessica Soho, Pinas Sarap, and Ijuander
*Filipino Heritage Food Advocate
*Certified Coffee Sensory Judge for World Coffee Events
*Food Historian of Jose Rizal University

June 19, 2019 is the opening of the Filipino Food Festival where we will be selling and displaying heirloom cacao grafted seedlings, cacao tablea, cacao nibs, cacao tea, and coffee.Joining Plantacion de Sikwate are its members from Pangasinan, Bicol, Bohol, and Negros Occidental. We shall be at the booth everyday to cater to your queries as well.Such a Filipino celebration will not be complete without Elar’s Lechon, and naturally sweet Stevia sugar (one of the event’s bar hosts and exhibitors). To cap off the celebration, Chef Christopher shall prepare long-forgotten Filipino food and expplain the rituals that make the Philippines the land of gold (Ophir) with royal bloods known as MaharliCas.

Free registration so just drop in and be proud of our heritage through the eyes of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Cacao Authority Visits Cacao Icons

A day before our country commemorated the 120th anniversary of our independence, Plantacion de Sikwate had a visitor from the Carribeans. About a month ago, we got an email and a message in our website (plantaciondesikwate.com). He shared his passion to search for the remnants of the finest chocolates in the world — criollo and see if it really does exist in the Philippines.

As the host for our visitor, we met with him and discussed possible collaborations that would bring the Filipino AromaticoTM to the world. Negotiations to be featured in his website (cacaoauthority.com) was also included.

Such meeting is proof that the Heirloom cacao/Criollo, that our association took into our care, is being noticed and respected by people who share the same passion.

It is not through popularity, awards, or countries visited makes one the expert in a field. It is how willing you are to help, listen, and shed sunshine to others that matter.

As you read this post, our #TeamBohol is with Don Alec to different cacao farms affiliated with PDS. Rain or shine, our passion moves forward.

To help. To listen. To inspire.

In the photos are:
Don Alec – cacao authority publisher
Mel Santos – PDS Chief Executive Officer
Nestor Saludo – PDS Cebu Chapter PRO and Recipient of the BrownSeeds Ltd. Singapore Cacao Program
Duke Miñoza – PDS Bohol Chapter Member and Recipient of the BrownSeeds Ltd. Singapore Cacao Program
Cecilia De Leon – PDS Bohol Chapter Vice President and Recipient of the BrownSeeds Ltd. Singapore Cacao Program
Indai Felipa Cortes – PDS Bohol Member and JV partner

A Day with Cacao Icons, Guests and Cacao Farming

Last night, our Cacao Icons had some guests at Cebu City Marriott Hotel. They were so thrilled and excited to do cacao farming and a possible funding as well. Our Cacao Icons took pride in showing the Search for Criollo video and were surprised to have a received an applause and good reviews about it.
It was a series of meetings which started in the morning with saying hello to Ms. Emma Ramas, PDS BOD Secretary at SM Seaside.
17353051_1419908901407188_1367332537_n17351333_1419911428073602_501350761_nAfterwards, they headed off to a nearby cacao plantation owned by Mr. Ernie Laurel. Where our guest inspected the cacao trees and pods. He was even shown the proper ways to do top grafting!
The following morning was Tagbilaran Bohol. Who could not visit the Philippines without seeing the Chocolate Hills? The guest of our Cacao Icons was toured at the cacao nurseries funded by Brownseeds PTE LTD.
The welcome drink. Hot chocolate! in the Philippines, we call our chocolate liquor as SIKWATE. The word SIKWATE is derived from a Visayan term meaning Cacao chocolate drink. Pair it with PUTO. To put it in layman’s terms, PUTO is a type of steamed rice cake usually served as snack or as accompaniment to mouthwatering hot beverages such as hot chocolate.
Plantacion de Sikwate President Mr. Christopher Fadriga, together with Ms. Cecilia De Leon showed PDS’ guest around their farm. Healthy and aromatic smelling cacao pods were displayed to be inspected and drooled upon.
Back to the Buena Venturada Farm, where owner Mr. Duke Miñoza, showed his W10 seedlings growing in the nursery.
17350898_1420951054636306_799040542_n 17352817_1420951234636288_594963173_n
Soon after, our cacao troopers went back to Cebu for a good dinner over a cup of hot sikwate before calling it a day.