PCAF Cacao Industry Development Sub-Committee conducts the monthly meeting

Members of the Cacao Industry Development Sub-Committee conduct the monthly meeting. PCAF Vice Chairman Melencio Santos is present together with our Honorary Founding Members One World Institute Chairperson Madame Yolanda Ortega Stern and Ms. Ann F.E. Wynkoop.

Agenda: The status of Resolutions No. 32 and 33, Series of 2018 which are “Recommending to the Department of Agriculture through the High Values Crops Development Program the Creation of a National Organization Committee to oversee the participation of local cacao producers in the International Cocoa Awards”.

Also conferred by the body are the Climate Outlook for March-September 2019, update on the implementation of the Industry Road Maps for Coffee and Cacao, Rubber and Fiber, and presentation of Resolutions Passed during the National Cacao Growers Summit.

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Text by Ali Estoesta
Photos by Jez Campaniel

Board Meeting: 1/22/17 (Cebu)


The PDS Board Members gathered at the BIG Hotel in Cebu City.

It was a business meeting to  update achievements from the funding program with Brownseeds Pte. Ltd. as well as plotting of schedules for the PDS Cacao Techno-Forums.

For office-related updates, Membership status were discussed as well as the upcoming General Assembly of all BOD and National officers.

The date will coincide with the 3rd year founding anniversary of the cacao producers association.