The Golden Leaf

imageCacao trees have a particular indication at seedling stage as to what pod color it will bear. They have a golden shade of green leaves. It is not from pests OR fungal deficiencies like the vascular-streak dieback (VSD).


Golden shade of leaves is not an indication if they are heirloom or not. However, the color of the new leaves indicates if it is a red pod or a green pod or an in between.

The white seed usually has a whitish and greenish colored cotyledon as the seeds germinate and is exposed to sun. The Forastero will have a purple cotyledon.

Like a white flag really, a light green flush of leaves indicate it to be a green pod but it is not a sure indicator of white beans. Except for these pictures of the Silay Highlands Filipino Aromatico™.

Here is Mr. Samuel Maja grafting heirloom cacao for the ISF community in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. Through the help of PDS, we teach the LGU on ways to propagate the heirloom variety.

image image

*** Grafted Seedlings are from the Christopher Fadriga Plantation and Nursery in Atipuluan, Bago City, Negros Occidental. They can be purchased ready for planting. For details, do leave a message here or via the page’s inbox at



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