PDS Memberships (Forms)



Be a member and receive the following perks:

1) Planting materials are given at discounted rates
2) Seminars allotted for a limited audience shall be given first to members
3) Filipino Aromatico seedlings that grow till harvest shall be prioritized to Market Security for sales.
4) Cacao beans produced with Filipino Aromatico quality are bought by PDS for use of PDS artisanal chocolate pool of chefs (local/international)
5) Should member request a one in one seminar on PROTOCOLS regarding Planting Chocolate Bar Making, member shall be given a discount and priority on schedule for an exclusive gathering.
6) if member decides to make their own business, they shall be marketed to local/international pool of buyers affiliated with PDS.

16 thoughts on “PDS Memberships (Forms)”

  1. Hi we are just in an apartment & interested to buy just 1 marcotted criollio for a pot.. We are slowly changing our ornamentals to something thats edible fruit bearing& veggies..
    Do you have an outlet in cebu city?
    How much is 1 cutting pls..

    1. It can be done. If the grafted seedling you wish to purchase is for indoor only and used as ornament, just make sure to prune it properly otherwise it might take over your whole apartment 🙂 Perhaps allow ample sunshine so it will not die. Kindly get in touch with Mr. Chris Fadriga at 09565919071

  2. good day to all,

    we are a family of professionals from don carlos, bukidnon who wishes to plant along with our sugarcane, veggies and corn fruit and other trees so we can start our integrated and diversified farm of five hectares. we are interested to plant cacao trees and others. we need your expertise and guidance . Thank you

  3. Hi,
    We are very interested to plant a Cacao trees in our land ( more than 5 hectares )in our town ( Mauban Quezon). We need expertise and guidance.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you

  4. hello can you please update your contact number. the ones listed are no longer working. I already paid for an individual membership of P600.00 2 days ago and I haven’t received any confirmation yet as to the status of my application.

    1. 0916 717 0207 Mel Santos (CEO) Yes James. Will be sending your Certificate and ID. A little busy after the Holy Week and yesterday’s event.

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