PDS BOHOL CHAPTER: Cacao Post Harvest Forum and Echo Seminar

IMG_2260Liboron, Calape, Bohol – September 26, 2017| Our Cacao Icons, Mr. Mel Santos and Mr. Chris Fadriga, visited Bohol for the CACAO POST HARVEST FORUM AND ECHO SEMINAR. They were invited for a speaking engagement by PDS Bohol Chapter Vice President Cecilia De Leon, a cacao nursery propagator, in collaboration with The Organic Street and its Filipino cluster extension, theorganicgroup.The event began with fervent prayers for a good harvest. Respect for the Philippine National Anthem came next with Ms. Milet Olleras who conducted the National Anthem as well as the Bohol anthem.

Mr. Nestor Saludo, PDS Cebu Chapter External PRO was also seen waving the National Flag. This showed the support of the Filipinos for a better life and better change. IMG_2379IMG_2378IMG_2377Liboron, Calape’s Barangay Captain Ms. Maria Alma Origines welcomed the speakers and participants. IMG_2279Mr. John Edgar Luardo, PDS Bohol Chapter President gave the statement of purpose in line with the vision/mission of PDS as the national organization. He introduced the Chief Executive Offcer of Plantacion de Sikwate, Mr. Mel Santos, for a short talk on the Plantacion de Sikwate advocacy and how it can benefit the Boholano farmers.

PDS Bohol Chapter Vice President Ma’am Cecilia De Leon welcomed also the other Bohol Officers who were present and later on revealed how thankful she was “to have the Cacao Icons together in a day away from their very hectic schedule is nothing short of a miracle.”IMG_2263IMG_2259PDS National President Mr. Christopher Fadriga shared an interesting and enlightening rationale on the importance of fermented beans and how it can support the needs and demands of local chocolatiers in a market-driven environment.IMG_2268IMG_2262He was  followed by Mr. Bern Karaan’s ‘farmer cacao experience’ with his 18,000 cacao plantation in Fort Justine, Sierra Bullones. He, later on, discussed the fermentation procedure.IMG_2273IMG_2292IMG_2291IMG_2289IMG_2287IMG_2286IMG_2282IMG_2270 Mr. Luardo gave his advice on how to open a cacao pod without using a jungle bolo or knife. Instead he showed how a makeshift cacao pod breaker can help small-scale entrepreneurs prepare their homemade tableas. IMG_2280IMG_2271IMG_2264The participants even had a cacao nursery tour to showcase the progress of the PDS-BrownSeeds Funding Program of Ma’am Cecilia De Leon.IMG_2368IMG_2366IMG_2365IMG_2364 The Golden Babies (Filipino Aromatico – Heirloom Cacao) that were found in nearby places in Calape were brought to the table and shown to participants. IMG_2373 IMG_2372 IMG_2371 IMG_2283 IMG_2277IMG_2363IMG_2362IMG_2361IMG_2360IMG_2359IMG_2358IMG_2357IMG_2356IMG_2355IMG_2354Certificates of Appreciation were given to the speakers of the event. Mr. Mel Santos, Mr. Chris Fadriga, and Mr. Bern Karaan. The rest of the participants also received their Certificate of Participation as well.IMG_2369IMG_2320IMG_2313IMG_2306 Mandatory Participant Group Photos IMG_2304IMG_2300IMG_2304IMG_2303IMG_2302IMG_2299IMG_2298IMG_2297IMG_2301IMG_2296IMG_2295Thank you to the Bohol Cacao farmers, coming from different nearby towns, who attended the seminar together with Provincial officers from the Department of Agriculture, Office of Provincial Agriculturist, DTI and ATI.


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