The People’s Choice

by Mel Santos

The month of June brings inspiring news for the country and the world at large. According to the newspaper I have read, eight-division world champion Senator Manny Pacquiao is holding his boxing match with Lucas Mathysse or Danny Garcia in Malaysia by the end of this month. Such news have prompted me to post this photo with Pacman. Like any other boxing fan, I wish that the upcoming WBA Welterweight World Title fight brings victory to our country.

And speaking of the land of flowers, chicken satay, and elephants, Malaysia grows a favorite crop that I hold dear to my heart – the Cacao M01 Trinitario variety. Here in the Philippines, this variety is known as the W10. Now, Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. where I belong to as Chief Executive Officer, plants this cacao variety with the Mexican descendant Heirloom cacao/Criollo.

The boxing world considers Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao as the People’s Choice after winning endless bouts with Mexican contenders such as Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales, and Marco Antonio Barrera to name a few. At the same time, the Chocolate world shares the same win when cacao trees growing in countless backyards and lands came from Mexican cacao seeds that were used as a form of currency during the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade in the 17th century.

In the photo I am sharing, you will also see the bananas I had for breakfast. The Latundan (Apple Banana) is another variety from the countless list like cardava banana or “Saba Banana”, Lakatan, Katunggal (Plantain), and Señorita. These bananas, together with coconuts, calamansi, mangoes, and madre de cacao, may grow as an intercrop with cacao which then brings sustainable income to farmers, as well as attract investors, and tourists to our country.

All the best to Pacman and our Cacao — the best choice for the Filipino People!


Recently posted in our FB Official Page (PDSCACAO) is a Crowd Sourcing poll. Help us decide if Cacao farmers, or Cacao aficionados are ready to start planting and will join a Forum and Symposium this month. A lot of questions coming from the FB page include “Are there forums in Luzon, NCR, or Manila?

Vote your choice of Yes or No in the poll we created.

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