Ang Probinsyano by Mel Santos

As one of the fans of the telenovela ANG PROBINSYANO, I got to chat with an acquaintance I have not seen for quite a time while waiting for my ride home from the airport.

One of the character actors that Coco Martin (Ricardo Dalisay/Carding) singled out to be part of the supporting cast, who happens to be a godson to the late movie king Fernando Poe Jr. — Amay Bisaya.

Our 30-minute chat led us to his interest to support UBAY, BOHOL and learn more about cacao planting since his territory is Samar and Bohol. Amay requested to include him as a participant in the PDS seminars that would happen.

I joked him to bring Coco Martin when he attends the seminar since he (Coco Martin) has a mini-farm inside his mansion in Quezon City full of mango trees, papaya, ampalaya, talong, petchay, sili, among others. Green thumbs and farmers are close to PDS specially those whose farms have already planted the recommended intercrop-able plants with cacao.

I am glad to see friends and acquaintances, here and there, who show interest to our cacao. Perhaps the next person I might bump into again is Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla, of the Heneral Luna fame and good friend of Ms. Cacao who graced our event at the Marriott Hotel last 2016.)

We are all probinsyanos since we come from different regions in the Philippines. I am a Bulakenyo and Cebuano by heart.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring but wherever my passion leads me, I am proud to say I am a PROBINSYANO.


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