Cacao Level-Up Onsite Training in Quezon Province


We were invited by Mr. Julian Gonsalves, Senior Advisor at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction to conduct a 2-day seminar in Quezon Province. Together with PDS CEO Mr. Mel Santos is Ms. Romela Fabula, PDS Bicol Chapter and PDS PRO for Cebu Chapter Nestor Saludo who prefers to be called Nestor Salcedo on this James Bond series of being a Secret Agent, and Mr. Marlon Enoc for teaching everyone how to graft the right way. 

The activities focused on the following:

Day 1 – Plantation de Sikwate Planting Programs (lectures and forums)

Day 2 – Onsite Training on cacao tree rehabilitation, side-grafting with heirloom budsticks, and more. Thank you Mr. Manuel Borre for welcoming us to your farm.  Different venues allowed #TeamPDS to show our cacao farmers that the true meaning of seminars and trainings does not limit or should not limit anyone to 4-walls. Literature can help but what matters is the actual feel of the soil under your feet, the dancing flowers on your hand, and the fragrance of the most aromatic cacao variety of them all — Criollo or Heirloom cacao.

We would like to thank LGU Guinayangan Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO) Ms.  Belina Rosales for the Certificate of Appreciation we received.

Thank you Hon. Mayor Cesar J. Isaac III for the OTOP tokens and unforgettable accommodation your good office gave us. To all LGU officers and staff of the barangays in Quezon Province, we salute your dedication and true spirit to help uplift the lives of our Filipino farmers.

3 thoughts on “Cacao Level-Up Onsite Training in Quezon Province

  1. Correction.

    Any cacao farm to visit for benchmarking located near Guinyangan Quezon.

    Very much interested to start the CACAO from hybrid seedlings.
    What do you think is the best way forward?

    Please feel free to contact me in my email: 

    Give my regards to all Team PDS.
    Thank you all.

  2. hi,
    i want to learn more about hte proper caring of cacao plants.
    i got several cacao trees in my backyard but it was aways attack by “whities-like” insects and the fruit just die.
    please tell me when will be your training/seminars be held again.
    pls help/ thanks
    God bless.

    1. joy…
      you are not being attacked by white flies. they are midges! the cacao pollinators are there to help your plants flower up and have fruits. Good job in having backyard planting!

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