(Affiliated Farms) Orient Farm is one of PDS’ Model Farms

Orient farm is our model farm in Davao, where Mr. Cacao brings PDS cacao visitors and investors.

Mang Leo, the farm supervisor, is a friend of Mr. Cacao who is always willing to listen from his advice regarding natural farming.

In 2015, Mang Leo used too much chemical inputs and chemicals to eliminate weeds in the whole farm until he listened to use mechanized grass cutters and apply microorganisms.

Mr. Cacao took pictures of the farm yesterday and was amazed to see when this farm became so successful in fruiting too much pods!

This is their story and we are sharing to you why CHEMICALS is not the RIGHT WAY to go. #TeamPDS#caringforDavao, #cacao, #chocolate, #organic, #organicfarming, #photography, #photo, #natural, #nature, #naturephotography, #nochemicals, #chemicalfree, #microorganisms, #mechanizedgrasscutters, #TLC, #plantaciondesikwate 

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6 thoughts on “(Affiliated Farms) Orient Farm is one of PDS’ Model Farms”

  1. This post is inspiring! I am from Davao myself but I haven’t seen such a lovely place. Hope to visit Orient Farm in the near future.

    1. Thank you Ms. Rian for a nice message. Orient Farm may be visited though it is on an uphill hike. Well, our Vice-Chairman did not have a difficult time to reach it 🙂 The farm is situated at Purok 3, Barangay Tamugan (Lower) Marilog District, Davao City. Contact Number (0915) 203 7499/ (0917) 879 8004. Hope it helps!

      1. wow.. napaka inspiring lalong lalo na sa mga beginners.. i just started planting cacao not knowing kung anong magiging result, stories like this really helps. :).. gusto ko ding bumisita kaso lang ang layo.. :))

        1. Thank you 🙂 Good luck sa iyong Cacao farming ha. Balik ka lang dito at uunti untiin ko na ang pag sulat ng mga inspiring stories na gusto mong mabasa. Ang dami nila pero, i-weave ko muna ang stories nila into something worthwhile. Iba kasi ang each story eh. Nakakatindig balahibo sa kung anung paraan nila na simulan ang kanilang nursery, farm or tindahan ng tsokolate. balik balik ka ha?

  2. Hi Ms Cacao,

    Gusto ko lang po sana magtanong kung meron po kayong binebentang Criollo seeds or seedlings aside sa BR25 and UF18 Variety.

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