Scion Groves at Atipuluan

PDS training camp Atipuluan Bago Negros Occ. Update 4/09/17
Heirloom cacao mother plants establishment for future scion grove.

Thank God that we have established the water system months before summer started. Now, our golden babies have the sunshine as well as enough water to grow.

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Chris Fadriga Nursery and Plantation – Bago City, Negros Occidental

Here is an update on the nursery and plantacion in Negros Occidental. I just came from there and I spent nearly the entire day. We’re watering the field cacao now. The seedlings are fine and the grafting done by Team Atipuluan is doing well. Thanks to Balrly Valenzuela and the whole team.


PDS Training Camp Update: 1/26/17

I would like to sing Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles but after visting the nursery this morning and stayed to watch the sunset, I got amazed at nature’s magnificence and how the universe brought everything together at the right place and at the right time.

Having a flat land, you need to think of ways to supply your seedlings with the right nourishment. Yes, sunshine is good, the soil is fertile but what about the water?

At the back of the nursery water supply is abundant. This was the perfect time to place irrigation water lines in preparation of summer.


imageTeam PDS Antipuluan hand-in-hand made the work run smoothly and  successfully. Soon after, they were chatting and laughing as they continued grafting.


After a long day, I sit back and thank the heavens for the blessings showered upon us. As I have continously adviced new members visiting or  helping at the farm, there will be enough sunshine to help us through when you are around. With a solid team of passionate people, this piece of land will soon have the GOLDEN BEANS forever.

— Christopher Fadriga

Heirloom Cacao Grafted Mother Plants 1/23/17



The less than one year old heirloom cacao grafted mother plants already started to practice producing cherrels. <Wait… cherrels? Mr. Cacao, please enlighten us…>

cherrels are immature pods of 10cm length

These mother plants are under the care of Balrly Valenzuela and his team. As part of the PDS team, we also train them to become plant propagators. Personally,  I am glad to see high survival in their first try in grafting.  It is now a question of developing their speed thru experience. ?

From the bottom of my cup of sikwate, good job Team PDS Atipuluan! – Chris

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PDS Training Camp, Antipuluan Bago City Update. 1/17/17

Our all white seed Criollo seedlings are waking up to meet the sunlight together with the UF 18 seeds intended to become rootstocks for W10 and Criollo for this year planting season. ? rise and shine, it’s a brand new day!

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