Health Benefits of Cacao and Bananas



* Cacaos have powerful antioxidants that can reduce the incidence of several serious illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer?
* They also have protective effect on the cardiovascular system and reduce blood pressure?
* Their flavonoids can improve insulin sensitivity, so may help prevent type-2 diabetes?
* Cocoa beans also contain high levels of neurotransmitters that cause us to feel good, such as serotonin and dopamine?
* They are also seem to increase verbal and visual memory, and also act as a mild stimulant?
* Bananas are fairly rich in fiber and resistant starch, which may feed the friendly gut bacteria and help protect against colon cancer?
* Bananas contain nutrients that can help moderate blood sugar levels after meals. They may also reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying?
* Bananas are rich in fiber, antioxidants and several nutrients. A medium-sized banana contains about 105 calories?

Go ahead and make a Choco-Banana smoothie today.