PDS Affiliated Farms

Lenlie Lecaroz  Farm – Marinduque
The Seed Planet Nursery Farm – Davao City
Pere Green Nursery Farm – Davao City
The Brothers of Sacred Heart Plantation –Davao City
Cabingatan Nursery Farm – Davao City
PELP Nursery Plant – Kidapawan City
RUCHIE Cacao Nursery Farm – Bukidnon
Bantayan Island Cacao Nursery and Plantation – Cebu
Tuburan Nursery and Cacao Plantation – Cebu
Chris Fadriga Nursery and Plantation – Bago City
Pola Green Nursery Farm – Albay
Gubat-St. Anthony Cooperative Nursery Farm – Sorsogon
Global Nursery Plantation – Naga City
Cacao Peak Nursery Farm – Bulacan
Plantacion de Bonbon Cacao Farm –Cebu City
Lake Buhi Nursery and Plantation – Buhi Camarines Sur

(as of July 2016. Updated listing to be released soon)


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  1. Thank you! I am in the process of adding more. Lol! A lot of things happening on the ground but will make sure to update 🙂

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