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PDS Explores Ticao, Masbate

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Cacao is a sustainable option for our brothers, the (Indigenous People) IP’S of the Philippines. Helping them will be a noble action to everyone of us for they are the people protecting our forest. Let us explore, preserve, and populate our cacaos in TICAO.

Several thousands of CRIOLLO Cacao Seedlings are now being prepared from different PDS Camps all over the country which will soon be transported to this amazing island of TICAO, Masbate. All Cacao stakeholders are invited during the PROJECT LAUNCHING which will be announced anytime from now. Even our PDS Chairman Cyrus Obsuna (at his Lake Buhi Resort in CamSur) personally perform the grafting of the few remaining Criollo Seedlings for Ticao Island of Masbate.

The PDS future place for the Criollo Cacao variety will be known to the world. Criollo is the world’s best cacao beans (materials) that will produce fine aromatic chocolates . This island is popularly known to the tourists because of the beautiful beaches and to the scuba divers in search for the excitements mingling with the manta rays.



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