PDS Member’s Cacao Tableyas part in a Cooking Competition

on July 28, 2021 Shann’s Tableya will be used in a cooking competition called the “1st Marikina Sweet & Fit Filipino Desserts Challenge 2021: Recreating Desserts Naturally.” In celebration of the 47th Nutrition Month, Chef Michelle Arce, Event Director and main conceptualizer of the competition, shall prepare the all-time favorite Chocolate Champorado using Shann’s Tableyas from Calape, Bohol.

Did you know? The energetic 21 yr. old owner of SHANN’S 100% PURE CACAO TABLEYA was mentioned in the celebration of #WorldChocolateDay forum? Check it out in his FB post! Sean Raphael Dumangog was also featured in a vlog.


Interested buyers for the cacao tableas may get in touch via his Facebook page.


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