Plantacion de Sikwate makes a Mark

PDS re-filed their Trademark registration with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL).

They opted to secure a collective mark for the advantage of their member’s businesses. You see, “a collective mark is any visible sign capable of distinguishing the origin, common characteristic, quality of goods or services of different enterprises under the control of the registered owner which must be a group of industry stakeholders.”

This means that when you affix the Trademark of the Filipino Aromatico™️ on your packaging of cacao tableas, cacao wine, and other cacao-related products, you are guaranteeing your customers of the common quality being offered by the owners of the Criollo variety trees who have started to harvest their crops.

Across the border, the taste of a Criollo cacao tablea has a distinct flavor, and aroma — a mixture of nutty, sweet, and  slightly bitter taste.

Backed by Heritage

“Kung baga, iisa ang origin o pinagmulan kasi ng Criollo variety na mula sa Plantacion de Sikwate. Nag mula ito sa ating mga ninuno na nagpalago ng puno ng cacao ilang daang taong na ang nakakalipas. Hindi nila alam na ito ay Ginintuan™️ — rare at napakalinamnam kaya mahal — kasi ang punla nito ay mula pa nuong 1800s nang dumaong sa ating mga ports ang mga galleon. Naging bahagi kasi ng Manila-Acapulco Trade ang mga cacao na nagmula pa sa bansang Mexico.” aniya ni Mia Concepcion, PDS Media Director at naging kasapi sa IPOPHIL.

“Nais namin sa Plantacion de Sikwate na yumabong ang variety ng cacao na ito sa ibat ibang parte ng Pilipinas kaya wala kaming tigil na ipaalam, puntahan, at turuan ang mga farmers kung ano ang advantage ng Criollo at iba pang variety ng cacao.” Sabi ni Mel Santos, CEO ng asosasyon ng mga cacao producers

PDS goes Global

It is an honor to be chosen as one of the 4 farmers to represent the Philippines at the prestigious International Cocoa Awards (ICA). I will join the roster of the best cocoa producers in the world.

As I have been informed, 235 samples coming from 53 cocoa-producing countries around the world joined in to get tested and our Filipino Aromatico came in clean.

I am glad that our Heirloom cacao will be part of a celebration on the diversity of flavors from different origins in the world, said Christopher Fadriga.

Celebrating the Women of Cacao

True enough, PDS has made a mark in the Filipino’s hearts and minds. That is why before the year ends, Ms. Cacao will release an eMagazine to celebrate the WOMEN OF CACAO. It is up for sale at P100.00. The eMagazine is part of a fundraiser to help challenged farmers avail of planting materials through your help. She will post more about the fundraiser as soon as it is ready.


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