Insecticides are the first things most farmers reach for when their crops get infested with pod borers/insects.

Usually the recommended quick fix is to use Magnum or Karate pesticides. The proportions is 1 tbs. per 16liters water in a knapsack.


All-Purpose Flour

An unusual but effective solution, all-purpose flour will become sticky when grasshoppers try to consume it, causing their mouthparts to gum up and starve the critters.

Simply sprinkle a thin layer on the leaves of your plants, and make sure it isn’t another type of flour (many kinds of flour contain salt, which can harm your plants.)

Garlic or Hot Pepper Spray

Spritzing some hot pepper repellent spray on the leaves of your plants will make them unpalatable to grasshoppers. The downside is that you could find that tomato is a lot spicier if you fail to wash it thoroughly!

Garlic sprays are a similarly natural grasshopper repellent but may be preferable if you plan on consuming part of the plant later.

** It is your choice. The faster way with harmful drawbacks to the environment or a longer alternative.

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