About Us

What is Plantacion de Sikwate?

We are a non-stock, non-profit organization duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. 

Our mission is to do continuous Research and Development, share the best practices in production, processing, profit making and sharing, engage in Human Resource Development and develop linkages and networking.

We envision a future reality where all individuals and groups involved in the Cacao Industry, in the Philippines and the World, work together for a mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership.

How Plantacion de Sikwate Started

We are an association initiated by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Davao City last June, 2014.  Our advocacy is to teach Cacao Farmers who believe and support the natural way of farming to produce chocolate that is healthy for consumers. Our core values guide us to look after the:

Welfare of the whole Cacao value chain;
Innovation in the whole Cacao industry;
Sustainability of people/environment in Cacao industry;
Ethical Practices in relations and transactions.



PDS Memberships (Forms)



Be a member and receive the following perks:

1) Planting materials are given at discounted rates
2) Seminars allotted for a limited audience shall be given first to members
3) Filipino Aromatico seedlings that grow till harvest shall be prioritized to Market Security for sales.
4) Cacao beans produced with Filipino Aromatico quality are bought by PDS for use of PDS artisanal chocolate pool of chefs (local/international)
5) Should member request a one in one seminar on PROTOCOLS regarding Planting Chocolate Bar Making, member shall be given a discount and priority on schedule for an exclusive gathering.
6) if member decides to make their own business, they shall be marketed to local/international pool of buyers affiliated with PDS.

PDS Concern to Humanity

PDS Explores Ticao, Masbate

Ticao_IPsClick to view photos 

Cacao is a sustainable option for our brothers, the (Indigenous People) IP’S of the Philippines. Helping them will be a noble action to everyone of us for they are the people protecting our forest. Let us explore, preserve, and populate our cacaos in TICAO.

Several thousands of CRIOLLO Cacao Seedlings are now being prepared from different PDS Camps all over the country which will soon be transported to this amazing island of TICAO, Masbate. All Cacao stakeholders are invited during the PROJECT LAUNCHING which will be announced anytime from now. Even our PDS Chairman Cyrus Obsuna (at his Lake Buhi Resort in CamSur) personally perform the grafting of the few remaining Criollo Seedlings for Ticao Island of Masbate.

The PDS future place for the Criollo Cacao variety will be known to the world. Criollo is the world’s best cacao beans (materials) that will produce fine aromatic chocolates . This island is popularly known to the tourists because of the beautiful beaches and to the scuba divers in search for the excitements mingling with the manta rays.



PDS Affiliated Farms

Lenlie Lecaroz  Farm – Marinduque
The Seed Planet Nursery Farm – Davao City
Pere Green Nursery Farm – Davao City
The Brothers of Sacred Heart Plantation –Davao City
Cabingatan Nursery Farm – Davao City
PELP Nursery Plant – Kidapawan City
RUCHIE Cacao Nursery Farm – Bukidnon
Bantayan Island Cacao Nursery and Plantation – Cebu
Tuburan Nursery and Cacao Plantation – Cebu
Chris Fadriga Nursery and Plantation – Bago City
Pola Green Nursery Farm – Albay
Gubat-St. Anthony Cooperative Nursery Farm – Sorsogon
Global Nursery Plantation – Naga City
Cacao Peak Nursery Farm – Bulacan
Plantacion de Bonbon Cacao Farm –Cebu City
Lake Buhi Nursery and Plantation – Buhi Camarines Sur

(as of July 2016. Updated listing to be released soon)