Join us at the Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Manila on June 19-30,2019 from 8:30AM onwards for the Philippine Culinary Heritage featuring Executive Christopher Carangian.

Executive Chef Carangian
*Graduated from Culinary Institute of America
*Founder of Razorchef PH
*Punong Heneral at Culinary Generals of the Philippines
*Food Historian at GMA7, Kapuso mo Jessica Soho, Pinas Sarap, and Ijuander
*Filipino Heritage Food Advocate
*Certified Coffee Sensory Judge for World Coffee Events
*Food Historian of Jose Rizal University

June 19, 2019 is the opening of the Filipino Food Festival where we will be selling and displaying heirloom cacao grafted seedlings, cacao tablea, cacao nibs, cacao tea, and coffee.Joining Plantacion de Sikwate are its members from Pangasinan, Bicol, Bohol, and Negros Occidental. We shall be at the booth everyday to cater to your queries as well.Such a Filipino celebration will not be complete without Elar’s Lechon, and naturally sweet Stevia sugar (one of the event’s bar hosts and exhibitors). To cap off the celebration, Chef Christopher shall prepare long-forgotten Filipino food and expplain the rituals that make the Philippines the land of gold (Ophir) with royal bloods known as MaharliCas.

Free registration so just drop in and be proud of our heritage through the eyes of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Awarding a PDS Member: OWWA Balik Pilipinas Hanapbuhay Program

Congratulations to our Cacao Amazona from Sagbayan, Bohol! It is to be remembered how she was repatriated from Kuwait a year ago. Without any means to support her family, she came home to the Philippines with just her belongings and blurred dreams.

When she found out about Plantacion de Sikwate’s seminar with DOST Bohol, she attended for a day got know more about the benefits of cacao planting and chocolate making. Since then, she went on a mission to save two things: her family’s best interests and the Filipino Aromatico heirloom cacao’s white beans.

She now is doing well and have attracted the nods of OWWA-Region VII for being one of the 1,000 beneficiaries of the Balik Pilipinas Hanapbuhay Program.

Awarding rites are currently happening for the OWWA 2019 Marilag Award where she is the deserving awardee. In behalf of Plantacion de Sikwate Board Members, Officers and the entire Cacao Community, CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Felipa ‘Indai Le’ Cortes of Sagbayan, Bohol!!!! You are indeed the epitome of a Woman of Inspiration.

March 30, 2019 The OWWA 2016 Mariliag Awardee for Balik Pinas, Balik Hanapbuhay Program paid a courtesy call at the PDS Heaquarters today. WIth her are PDS CEO Mel Santos and his wife Maam Allie, and PDS Nestor Saludo. Sharing her “Oscar-award” like grateful thanks to all who helped achieved her dreams.
Maraming akong dapat pasalamatan… Unang una ang Diyos na laging naka patnubay.

Sa OWWA Overseas Workers Welfare Administration at sa mga iba pang tao na tumulong sa aking mabilisang pag uwi from Kuwait noong ako’y nagpa repatriate.

Sa tulong ng Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. (PDS) ay nakapag simula ako ng Cacao Nursery at naitayo ko ang Villa Cortes Criollo Farm. Dinagdagan pa ito ng tulong financial ng OWWA para sa kanilang Balik Pinas Balik Hanapbuhay Program. Sa ngayon nga ay meron na akong produktong Indai Le Tablea na sinusuportahan naman ng Department of Trade and Industry. Salamat sa walang sawang suporta ng aming Negosyo Center dito sa Sagbayan at kay Sir Blair Panong at Ms. Ai Rish. Dahil dito ay nabigyan ako ng Award sa katatapos lang na event ng OWWA.

Salamat din sa Office of the Provincial Veterinarian – Bohol (OPV) sa kanilang ibinigay na 12 ka pirasong Native Chicken na sa ngayon ay naparami ko na at ang iba ay nai ulam ko pa. ?

Salamat din sa drum na bigay DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE VIIIIII (D.A.) thru SagbayanMunicipal Agriculture Office (MAO) Arlen Rosolada Aparrii . Malaking tulong ito lalo na ngayong tag init.

Kahit kulang na kulang ako sa financial para maka sustain ay may mga taong katulad ninyo na bukas palad para tumulong. Nawa’y pagpalain pa sana kayo ng ating Panginoon.




CYRUS O. Cultivar, Camarines Sur

Thursdays is a good time for #Throwbacks. Gone were the days when we just dream impossible dreams hoping there is the ONE waiting out there for us. Those days hinder us from moving forward and acknowledging the hidden blessings we fail to see.

In the earlier months of 2015, tucked in an almost forgotten place in the country was an Heirloom Cacao Seedling Farm of my good friend Cyrus. Years passed by and the seedlings grew to big cacao trees. Pods came and another cycle began.

Seasons passed and so did Cyrus. To my dear good friend who met the Lord last year, your contribution to our passion for Agriculture will never be forgotten.

Yes, Pareng Cyrus, Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. began when I, together with all your PDS partners, met you. In your memory, we continue the legacy.

CYRUS O. CULTIVAR – Heirloom cacao variety in Camarines Sur.

New Year’s Wishes for 2017

As the world begin to unwind the 2017 year before us, my fondest wishes for our Sikwate farmers is that they begin to appreciate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our Criollos and build up our chocolate industry by optimizing these special cacaos that the whole world pine for.

I wish we begin to have chocolate academies all over, that our artisan chocolatiers and manufacturing industry shall take off for the Philippines.

We aim to have for ourselves one major industry rising, developing demand locally and internationally, and allowing the wonderful cacao pods to create a distinct lifestyle for our farmers that will be the envy of other foreign farmers.

I hope that our chocolatiers earn more accolades as they continue to develop, earn, and become the pillars of our nascient chocolate industry. God is good for the Philippines, we just need to see the resources and assets that He has provided us, so we can avail of His graces big time. Cheers!

Rene Pamintuan
Honorary Founding Member

— ** —

We welcome 2017 with great expectations! The membership of Plantacion de Sikwate has grown tremendously well last year and we are poised to grow more cacao trees this year.

We are thankful for the overwhelming support from all the farmers. All the simple FB posts count a lot in spreading the vision of PDS to make the Philippines a major source of cacao in region.

As I’ve mentioned in the June Summit in Cebu, we need the rally behind making this high value crop a major growth economic driver.

All we need to do now until 2020 is to inter-crop 50% of the current coconut plantation with cacao trees, that’s 1.8 million hectares compared to where we are today.

In the most simple equation, my personal vision is…

  • Plant cacao in 1.5 million hectares from today’s 15,000 hectares
  • Total of 1.5 billion cacao trees
  • Provide employment to 1.5 million farmers that will support 1.5 million families
  • Bring US$ 15 B revenue to the economy

Let’s bring back the glory of the cacao industry to our country! We did it before, we can do it again! Looking forward to a brighter and more abundant year for cacao!

Basil Bolinao
PDS -VP Luzon

— ** —

For 2017, I hope that through the advocacy of BALAY TABLEA and Plantacion de Sikwate, which is to help farmers and the people’s livelihood, be uplifted. We hope for the sustainability of the production, availability of quality raw materials and service to the market here in Cabatuan and the rest of the country.

Catherine Villalobos-Taleon
Proprietress, Balay Tablea

                    — ** —

AGROPOWER PHILIPPINES CORP will be helping PDS meet their target this 2017 by helping all Filipino farmers have a better life. Also, we will be promoting Organic Cacao Farming with the advocacy of the Plantacion De Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc.

Manuel A. Carpio Jr.
Business Manager
Agropower Philippines Corporation
UG35, Royal Mansion Condo. Wack wack Road,
Mandaluyong City (0917-791-8336)

(Appointment) It is a YES by Ms. Ma. Emma A. Ramas to be new PDS Secretary