New Year’s Wishes for 2017

As the world begin to unwind the 2017 year before us, my fondest wishes for our Sikwate farmers is that they begin to appreciate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our Criollos and build up our chocolate industry by optimizing these special cacaos that the whole world pine for.

I wish we begin to have chocolate academies all over, that our artisan chocolatiers and manufacturing industry shall take off for the Philippines.

We aim to have for ourselves one major industry rising, developing demand locally and internationally, and allowing the wonderful cacao pods to create a distinct lifestyle for our farmers that will be the envy of other foreign farmers.

I hope that our chocolatiers earn more accolades as they continue to develop, earn, and become the pillars of our nascient chocolate industry. God is good for the Philippines, we just need to see the resources and assets that He has provided us, so we can avail of His graces big time. Cheers!

Rene Pamintuan
Honorary Founding Member

— ** —

We welcome 2017 with great expectations! The membership of Plantacion de Sikwate has grown tremendously well last year and we are poised to grow more cacao trees this year.

We are thankful for the overwhelming support from all the farmers. All the simple FB posts count a lot in spreading the vision of PDS to make the Philippines a major source of cacao in region.

As I’ve mentioned in the June Summit in Cebu, we need the rally behind making this high value crop a major growth economic driver.

All we need to do now until 2020 is to inter-crop 50% of the current coconut plantation with cacao trees, that’s 1.8 million hectares compared to where we are today.

In the most simple equation, my personal vision is…

  • Plant cacao in 1.5 million hectares from today’s 15,000 hectares
  • Total of 1.5 billion cacao trees
  • Provide employment to 1.5 million farmers that will support 1.5 million families
  • Bring US$ 15 B revenue to the economy

Let’s bring back the glory of the cacao industry to our country! We did it before, we can do it again! Looking forward to a brighter and more abundant year for cacao!

Basil Bolinao
PDS -VP Luzon

— ** —

For 2017, I hope that through the advocacy of BALAY TABLEA and Plantacion de Sikwate, which is to help farmers and the people’s livelihood, be uplifted. We hope for the sustainability of the production, availability of quality raw materials and service to the market here in Cabatuan and the rest of the country.

Catherine Villalobos-Taleon
Proprietress, Balay Tablea

                    — ** —

AGROPOWER PHILIPPINES CORP will be helping PDS meet their target this 2017 by helping all Filipino farmers have a better life. Also, we will be promoting Organic Cacao Farming with the advocacy of the Plantacion De Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc.

Manuel A. Carpio Jr.
Business Manager
Agropower Philippines Corporation
UG35, Royal Mansion Condo. Wack wack Road,
Mandaluyong City (0917-791-8336)