PDS Cacao Level Up Techno-Forum

SavetheDateSince the Brothers of the Sacred Heart initiated its incorporation on June 8, 2014, the Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. visited different communities across the archipelago to promote cacao planting.

They have been known to conduct CACAO TECHNO-FORUMS and teach farmers to graft and care for UF-18, BR-25, PBC 123 and W10.

Currently, the association has improved their materials and focused on propagating a hard-to-find cacao variety. PDS launched their Search for the Criollo on November 2016. Soon enough, artisan chocolate companies from neighboring Asian countries and even as far as the United States became interested.

From a humble start to educate farmers, PDS has moved up one notch higher; the Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao “Level Up”.

Why are they “leveling up” with the Filipino Aromatico?

1. generate PRESTIGE for our country by recognizing the facts of the Manila-Acapulco Trade from our Philippine History.

2. give ADDED VALUE to our cacao bean since the best fine chocolates in the world “Filipino Aromatico” will be made available in the country.

3. as one of the top producers of fine aromatic chocolate, we can help our LOCAL ARTISAN CHOCOLATIERS and MANUFACTURERS.

4. because of its best value we can demand of a higher price on our Cacao (bean to bar) related products that will eventually give impact in alleviating the lives of our farmers in the fields.

5. we will be known and may ATTRACT INVESTORS/TOURISTS to visit in our country.

6. billions worth of economy is coming for the Philippines.

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