2023: Climate Change & Our Cacao


Global climate models project a continued increase of temperatures and changes in the land. The ecosystem conservation
efforts will benefit the climate change impacts.

That is the overall dilemma of the production of chocolates. Our country, being right in the center of the equator, has strategies to follow as well.

Over the years, our association has cultivated a delicate variety called the Criollo. These are remnants from the cacao strain during the 1800s — the Manila Acapulco Galleon Trade.

We have gone near and far to locate mother trees bearing the white beans.

Since then, typhoons have bombarded our lands and brought us back several steps behind. the wet season is the time for planting however, being submerged in deep waters does not help. Even the dry season when we are scheduling to harvest doesnt even come regularly.

The change in our climate is indeed a challenge but we show optimism even though our land is experiencing the effects we are having now due to deforestations and carbon prints, we remain steadfast that the propagation of the Filipino Aromatico® continues.

2023 brings us hope and continued determination that we can overcome this difficulty.

Plant the Filipino Aromatico® and continue providing seedlings for everyone. Keep us in your minds that we are always here to educate and help as much as we can.

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