CACAO: Money Tree

The #FilipinoAromatico® has slowly emerged as the most sought after single origin cacao in the Philippines. Thanking old cacao trees that grew in backyards across the country, and harvesting the pods to create hard to replicate nutty tones, the Filipino Aromatico is here to stay.

Did you know that during the 1700s these fruit pod’s beans were used as a currency? Soon after, the indios during that time just planted some seeds all over the place and forgot about it. After several years, it grew and started to bear fruits. The money tree as they have called it, brought business, and food.

Now that the Filipino farmer knows better, a cacao producer association took the initiative to care for these trees which bore GOLD — Plantacion de Sikwate Cacao Producers Association, Inc. (PDS).

From traditional farming techniques, PDS has come up with modern techniques to educate farmers that they too, can grow their own money trees just like of the yesteryears.

More and more cacao farmers who are now enjoying the fruits of their labor has started creating their tablea products. The world awaits of their produce. The world knows that the Philippines is indeed a single-origin country when it comes to CACAO.

Be a farmer, call us for assistance, and in no time, harvest from your Filipino Aromatico money trees.

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