Cacao Grafted Seedlings (DAVAO)

DAVAO Cacao Farmers and Start-Up Land owners who wants to venture into cacao planting:

We are selling grafted seedlings already.

6,000 W10 (Trinitario)
1,500 Heirloom Cacao

If you are interested, do leave a message here.

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  1. I’m interested in purchasing about 100 grafted (W10) seedlings for planting in Alfonso Cavite, sometime May-June rainy season. Can you provide prices? Do you deliver?
    Thank you for the attention


    1. what is your mobile number so we can get the details.


  2. I need about 5,ooo grafted trinitario cacao. How much is your price and do you deliver in Batangas?


    1. we have criollo not trinitario sorry


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