Chris Fadriga Nursery and Plantation – Bago City

A Ratatouille Taste-imonial

Thank you Khalil Corazo for having a ratatouille moment when you tasted this simple craft chocolate bar from Christopher Fadriga. To those who are new to this site, thank you […]

PDS Training Center Visitor

Thank you for visiting us here at the PDS Training Center in Atipuluan Bago City, Sir Paul Sommer. We would like to support your effort in teaching our ISF community […]

Cherrels for Mi Amour

Planted in our PDS Training Center, Brgy. Atipuluan, Bago,City, Negros Occidental last February 2017. The prolific blooms then have resulted to prolific cherrels now. Need I sing our song MY […]

Food and Filipino Hospitality

When a Cacao Producer’s CEO meets the Cacao Authority’s CEO, #CacaoTalks do not stop at R.O.I.s — it goes beyond. Destination: Philippines After setting the date for the arrival, Don […]

Cherrels and Cacaos to Harvest

Heirloom cacaos have a distinguishable trait. Ms. Cacao calls them the baby bump but it is one of the many physical indications of a fine tasting cacao variety. you may […]

High Yielding Heirloom Cacao at 14 months

14 month old Heirloom cacao. 65 cherrels and counting. #cebu#filipinoaromatico #askUShow EMAIL: While you are at it, be a member too! P.S. Don’t forget to 👍 our FACEBOOK PAGE  🙂

The Golden Leaf

Cacao trees have a particular indication at seedling stage as to what pod color it will bear. They have a golden shade of green leaves. It is not from pests […]

Rootstocks for GN21

These are the Heirloom cacao mother plants planted on the ground last year. They have started to flower. Bringing rootstock to the highland of Negros for grafting the all white […]