We pay attention to the importance of each of the processes that cocoa must pass to become the best chocolate, one of those processes, is the drying of the seed.

After a certain period of fermentation, the cocoa is ready to sunbathe. We look for the protagonists of this work to outline the details of drying: the producers.

For the connoisseurs of the subject, this is the last stage of the process of profit, where it proceeds to remove the excess moisture that the grain brings with it after the fermentation.

The grain must decrease its humidity to 7 or 8% because if it falls from this percentage the almond becomes susceptible to diseases, it acquires an unpleasant smell and of course loses its value of commercialization.

According to Reyes and Capriles (2000) in his book The Cacao in Venezuela.

During drying, the enzymatic biochemical processes necessary for the appearance of precursor substances of desirable taste and aroma in good quality cocoa are continued, the process must be carried out slowly, as poor drying deteriorates the resulting quality.

This explains the importance of this step for obtaining a good cocoa. It is important to remember that this process requires time, since the drying is progressive, if the almond dries very fast the interior will be moist and with a higher acidity than normal.

According to some connoisseurs of the matter, the best way to dry the almonds is in the sun and progressively, as this attributes a fruity taste and moisture necessary to allow a safe storage and transfer of the product.


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