Grafted Vs. Ungrafted Cacao Seedlings

Hello PDS! It’s been a while since I posted here. I have been so busy with inquiries, sale of grafted seedlings and possible partnerships here and abroad.

As the Chief Executive Officer of PDS, allow me to remind and share with you the ADVANTAGES of grafted seedlings over ungrafted ones.

You see, the grafted seedlings are the ones we promote and sell.

They are coming from PDS NURSERIES all over the country such as CEBU, BOHOL, CAMARINES SUR, BICOL, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, BATANGAS and other PDS Regional Affiliated Farms.

Going back to my topic, why GRAFTED SEEDLINGS?

* 2-3 years field planting to harvest (ungrafted takes 7-10 years)
* Cacao variety is initially known and documented (ungrafted seedlings, after 10 years, the “promised” variety may not be the one you paid for)
* Starting a nursery is easier with grafted seedlings since the prices are at par with the variety you are selling
* Buyers of your cacao pods and dried and fermented beans are tagged as FILIPINO AROMATICO™ with farmer-friendly rates.

With the Filipino Aromatico™ we preserve the origins from our Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade and we uplift the lives of our Filipino Cacao Farmers.

Just remember that if you have an hectare of land, intercrop them with bananas or coconuts for shading at 3meters x 3meters then you are good.

Before field planting the grafted seedlings, you need to let us know if your soil is ready, void of weeds or other unpruned crops. Call me at (0916) 717 0207/(0920) 544 2039 or leave a message at so we can talk and prepare your land for cacao.

Thank you!
Mel Santos

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