Paying it Back: The Criollo Search Continues

For us cacao farmers, weekends are essential to seek strength and inspiration for the incoming week. We may do it differently from the corporate group that seeks rest and rejuvenation through #staycations or #travel.

If you ask me, I find strength by searching for new cacao mothers trees. Right now, I am in Bohol to search for the elusive Criollo or better known as the Filipino Heirloom cacao. Once I get my hands on it, they will definitely be part of our gene bank.

Golden mother trees may be difficult to find. We, at Plantacion de Sikwate, never give up and pack up. The determination and passion we share is our strength that arms us when we look for the elusive cacao variety.

If we have strategies to aid us in this search; our answer is none. We just go around, ask the people to lead us on our way. The Filipino Aromatico comes to our safekeeping with a Promise of the future. That is our way to return the blessings given to us.

We seek, we validate, we pay it back.

On March 26, 2019, I decided to return home to Cebu.

On my way home. The past few days I’ve been around Bohol; searching for golden mother trees. I’ve been to highlands and lowlands in search for them. My trip did not end in vain for I saw several cacao trees with white bean lineage.

Now, aboard the FastCat bound to Mandaue, I cant help but smile. Soon every port in our country shall serve a cup or two of the Filipino Aromatico.


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